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Activity ︱1m³ gas kiln test, free of charge to burn about
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Xi Da Puben! Soon, the firing of ceramics in gas kilns will be easier, more humane and safer! After nearly a year of design, proofing and repeated trials, the gas kiln intelligent combustion system developed by Baitao Hui is about to meet with you, and the pain points such as squatting ignition, mirror monitoring and flame-out, and complicated manual operation that plagued the burning workers in the past are gone forever.

Baitaohui intelligent combustion system has a powerful "science and technology core" - 5G intelligent control system, which can realize unattended kiln worry free, such as rise and fall curve can be preset (data cloud backup, call at any time), remote automatic ignition and extinguishing, air leakage protection, automatic alarm of abnormal situations, safe stop. It really solves the problems of manual duty throughout the traditional kiln and relying entirely on the master's experience, and is a safe steward for gas kiln firing.



In order to allow more colleges, studios and professionals to use the gas kiln intelligent combustion system as soon as possible, the ceramic Education Center will launch 1 cubic meter (four shed boards) standard gas kiln firing test, free of charge during the test, welcome creators with gas kiln firing needs to actively participate:


● 1m³ large kiln room, four shed panels;

● There is no charge for participating in the burning;

● The firing temperature can reach 1300℃ to achieve reduction atmosphere;

● Each person can burn multiple works, specifications, quantity is not limited;

● Suitable for burning works: blue and white, glaze color and other high-temperature works; All kinds of high temperature cover test pieces;

● Warm reminder:

The reduction atmosphere can not be guaranteed to reach the ideal state in the test firing stage.

If the shed board is damaged due to the reason of the work, compensation according to the price.

Activity Time:

From February 20 to 24, the works will be collected and kiln installed

Fired on February 25th

The kiln will be opened on February 27

If you fail to catch up with the first kiln, do not be discouraged, the second kiln will remain open for free.

Event location:

Bai Tao Hui ceramic Education Center

Building 11, China Light Industry Ceramics Research Institute, 556 Xinchang West Road, Jingdezhen City

Baitaohui Ceramic Education Center, formerly known as Baitaohui Ceramic training base founded in 2009, will be relocated to China Light Industry Ceramics Research Institute in 2021 and renamed as Baitaohui Ceramic Education Center, with an area of 1200 square meters. The center is equipped with firewood kilns, soda kilns, gas kilns, music kilns, carbon kilns, pit kilns, electric kilns and experimental kilns. At present, it is the most complete type of kiln and the largest scale firing experiment base in China.

The Education Center organizes various ceramic burning experience activities from time to time, such as pit burning, music burning, wood burning, soda burning, charcoal burning, etc. As well as ceramic material exploration experiments, such as weekend glaze experience days. Welcome ceramic creators and enthusiasts to share and exchange, enrich the interest of ceramic materials and sintering, and make pottery more diversified!











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