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2023 The first quarter of the ceramic industry vocational ability evaluation certificate application arrangement
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What is a Vocational Competency Assessment Certificate?

The vocational ability evaluation certificate is a scientific, standardized and fair evaluation of the occupational skill level of workers (including those preparing for employment) by an evaluation institution recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (or other ministries and commissions or national industry organizations) based on the national vocational skill standards or evaluation norms, and by integrating theoretical knowledge, practical skills, work performance and other methods. The corresponding vocational skill level certificate granted to the qualified person.


As early as 2020, the national level began to cancel the professional qualification certificate of level evaluation in steps and stages, and replaced it with a more practical socialized vocational skill level recognition. Vocational ability assessment certificate has become a new entry and employment stepping stone.

In order to promote the steady development of the ceramic industry, in line with the purpose of helping the majority of ceramic practitioners, creators and educators to obtain industry qualifications, the Baitao Association designated by the China Ceramic Industry Association as the vocational skill level evaluation base continues to carry out the "Ceramic Industry Professional Ability Evaluation Certificate" evaluation service, has been carried out 28 periods, the first quarter of 2023 exam arrangement notice is as follows:

First, evidence of strength

Issued by the China Light Industry Federation

Reference for proof of workers' ability in the ceramic industry

Job hunting, employment, and employment certificates

It helps schools, enterprises and public institutions evaluate their positions

First - and second-class technicians are the same as highly skilled workers

Second, review the details

1, this batch of evaluation work:

1) Ceramic Technologist (Senior technician, technician/Senior technician)

2) Ceramic firing worker (junior/intermediate/senior technician)

3) Ceramic decoration worker (junior/intermediate/senior technician, technician)

4) Ceramic raw material preparation workers (primary/intermediate/senior technicians, technicians)

5) Ceramic product designer (junior/intermediate/senior technician, technician)

* The evaluation is based on the National Vocational Skills Standards.

2. Application conditions (Click to enlarge)


3. Evaluation standards

1) Theoretical knowledge examination, skill assessment and comprehensive review;

2) The theoretical examination is mainly based on written test and computer test, which mainly evaluates the basic requirements and related knowledge requirements that practitioners should master when engaged in this occupation;

3) Skill assessment adopts on-site operation, simulation operation and other methods to assess the skill level of employees engaged in the occupation;

4) Comprehensive evaluation is mainly for technicians and senior technicians, and comprehensive evaluation and review are carried out by reviewing application materials and thesis defense.

5) The theoretical knowledge examination, skill assessment and comprehensive assessment are implemented in the hundred-point system, and the score of 60 points (inclusive) or more is passed.

Three, test the arrangement


Four, the examination method

1. Registration materials for 5th / 4th / 3rd level technicians

1) Electronic materials

① Application form for candidates for vocational skill level evaluation

② Candidate's work certificate

3. Front and back photos of ID card

④ Photo of graduation certificate (student ID card for current students)

⑤ Relevant title, professional qualification certificate or skill level certificate, honor certificate (no can be provided)

⑥ Two-inch bareheaded photo on white background (named by name + ID number)

2) Paper materials (file bag, for reference before the exam)

① Light industry vocational skill level evaluation candidates application form 2 copies (unit seal)

② 2 copies of work certificate (unit seal)

③ 2 copies of ID card

④ Two copies of graduation certificate (student ID provided by current students)

⑤ 2 copies of relevant professional title certificate, professional qualification certificate or skill level certificate, honor certificate (no can be provided)

6. 2 inch bareheaded photos on white background 3

3) In addition to the above materials, secondary and primary technicians need to provide corresponding supplementary materials, and the specific requirements are telephone consultation.

2. Submission method:

Application materials (jpg or PDF format) should be packaged in a folder (file name: name + job level + test time, e.g. Zhang Sheng + Ceramic Technician Level 3 +20230221) and sent to the designated email address.

Email subject: Candidate name + job type/level + test time

Submit by email: huacui_0920@qq.com

Contact number: 17379801195 (wechat number)


China Light Industry Association ceramic industry vocational ability evaluation base

Address: Baitaohui Huacui Pottery Education Center No. 556, Xinchang West Road, Jingdezhen (Building 11, China Light Industry Ceramics Research Institute)

5. Introduction of the base

Founded in 2009, Huacui Ceramic Education Center is one of the earliest professional ceramic education institutions in Jingdezhen. In 2021, the Center (Baitao Hui) was authorized by the China Light Industry Federation to become one of the first 34 ceramic industry vocational skill rating bases of China Ceramic Industry Association.

The planned area of the education center is more than 3,000 square meters. The first phase consists of the firing center, materials laboratory, multimedia hall, comprehensive exhibition hall and other functional areas. It is equipped with firing equipment such as wood kiln, gas kiln, soda kiln, electric kiln, and music kiln. Various types of ceramic training can be carried out.

We firmly adhere to and practice the development concept of "scientific ceramics, efficient innovation", and are committed to building the Education center into an inclusive and open ceramic experiment space, so that every ceramic creator, educator and enthusiast can freely understand and learn ceramic knowledge here, and explore more possibilities of ceramic creation freely and openly.





6. Certificate inquiry

1. Paper certificate:

For those who pass the theoretical and practical performance, China Light Industry Federation will issue a paper version of the corresponding Vocational Competence Level Certificate, which will take about 20 working days (in case of legal holidays, the time will be postponed);


2. Internet inquiry

* The certificate can be filed and entered into the "China Light Industry Federation Vocational skill level Certificate network query" system, enter the certificate number, certificate number, name to query and verify.

Website: http://app.cnlic.org.cn/jd/


Seven, to show

* To ensure successful registration, please pay two weeks in advance;

* Read the registration conditions carefully and choose according to your own situation;

* If in doubt, please refer to the Quiz.

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