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Dankook University Professor Kim Byeong-ryul was appointed as Baektahoes product consultant
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On the afternoon of December 21, Mr. Kim Byeong-ryul, a famous Korean ceramic artist, professor of the Department of Ceramics at Dankook University, President of the Gyeonggi Pottery Association, and chairman of ISCAEE Korea, visited Baektohui and was appointed as the product consultant of Baektohui. It is reported that another purpose of Professor Kim's visit to Jingdezhen is to attend the opening of the "Porcelain Journey" 2023 Jingdezhen International Ceramic Art Biennale held at Jingdezhen Ceramic University.


Before signing the appointment, accompanied by Xie Weifeng, the founder and general manager of the company, and the head of the product research and development department, Professor Jin Binglu visited the exhibition hall of the company with great interest, learned about the main ceramic equipment products of Baitao Hui in detail, and experienced the DD03 drawing machine that has been exported to North America through UL, ETL, CSA and other European and American certifications. Some pertinent comments on the design of kiln products are also given.

Kim Byeong-ryul is now a professor of ceramics at Dankook University in South Korea, doctoral supervisor, and the Korean Artisan Evaluation Committee. He is a representative of modern ceramics in South Korea. He has held nearly 30 individual art exhibitions around the world, and enjoys high visibility and influence in China, South Korea, Japan and other countries.



Hiring well-known scholars and experts as product consultants is one of the important talent strategies of Baitaohui. In the future, we will join hands with more well-known artists and professors at home and abroad. We firmly believe that under the guidance of professional, Baitaohui's R & D capability will be further improved, so as to achieve more innovation and creation of ceramic equipment, and achieve more dreams of users!

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