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From October 20th to 22nd, Baitao invites you to visit the 82nd China Educational Equipment Exhibition
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The 82nd China Educational Equipment Exhibition

10/22 2023/10/20 -

Bai Tao Hui ︱ Creative Labor Education - Pottery classroom

Tianjin · National Exhibition Center S08013#


After the Ministry of Education issued a new curriculum standard for compulsory education in 2022, labor education aimed at cultivating core qualities has been raised to an unprecedented level. Ceramics is one of the earliest inventions of human beings, a history of Chinese civilization, and half of the history of ceramic creation. At the same time, ceramics is an excellent carrier for the interdisciplinary integration of innovative teaching. More and more schools with advanced educational concepts introduce pottery courses into their campuses.

01. Educational reform under the new curriculum reform

Under the background of the new curriculum reform, the development of education has entered the era of diversification. The quality education of youth under the "double reduction" policy puts forward higher and clearer requirements for us, and needs to develop more school-based courses suitable for students' physical and mental development. Under the background, labor education should face the future and adapt to the future, and realize the comprehensive education goal of the integration of five children and five children at the same time. So as to promote students' all-round development and enhance their ability to solve real problems.


Under the policy situation of the state vigorously promoting quality education, labor education, and intangible cultural heritage into the campus, ceramic art is the best carrier for integrating interdisciplinary knowledge and learning, and it is also the theme benchmark for building characteristic schools.


As a creative labor course, ceramic art starts from the perspective of traditional crafts and culture, emphasizes the comprehensive and practical learning activities, integrates modern curriculum concepts and teaching methods, enhances students' labor consciousness, and enhances their aesthetic ability and awareness. Under the "5+2" mode, pottery course enhances the learning experience for after-school service, is a comprehensive practice to undertake a variety of teaching methods, and has the educational value of cultivating young people's imagination and three-dimensional modeling ability, helping to express individuality and creativity.


02. About the Baituo Society

Ceramic is the first invention of human beings, which has witnessed the development and change of human civilization, and has been passed down to today. The process of ceramic production and development is a witness of human beings' continuous exploration of nature, self-understanding and verification of laws.

Under the background of education reform, it has become the consensus of all kinds of schools to introduce ceramic education into the classroom, so that students can understand the law, know themselves, master skills and build cultural confidence in the process of pottery making. Based on the bottleneck problems of complicated ceramic craft, high space management requirements, interdisciplinary curriculum construction, and lack of professional teachers, Baitao Association provides one-stop service for schools to open ceramic courses, and has been widely recognized.


Baitao Society believes that if the popularization of ceramic culture only stops at the technical level, it is too shallow. Labor education and literacy education are suitable for pottery art as a starting point, so that children can understand the historical and cultural evolution behind ceramics and the ideas expressed in various times. Therefore, we proposed the concept of ceramic teaching space solution.


Based on the goal of quality education, Baitaohui, based on the concept of labor education and the 5C education model, provides planning and design, equipment selection, teacher training, operation and maintenance services for the construction of pottery classrooms in primary and secondary schools, and constantly upgrades product performance to continuously empower pottery education.

As of September 2023, Baitaohui has provided professional ceramic teaching space planning and design, preferred equipment, curriculum teacher training and operation and maintenance services for more than 5,000 primary and secondary schools. Among them, Shanghai Qibao High School, Xiamen Double Ten High School, Peking University Affiliated High School, Beijing Normal University Affiliated High School, Beijing Foreign Studies University Affiliated High School, Renmin University of China Affiliated High School, Weifang No. 4 High School, Chengdu No. 7 High School, Nanjing Foreign Language School and a large number of well-known schools in China are trusted by school users.



Education is the great plan of the state and the Party, among which labor education is the foundation and the ultimate goal, and all educated people will eventually become workers. The competition between China and other countries is mainly in talents, especially innovative talents. It is imperative to set up labor skills courses to train students' hands-on innovation ability and cultivate talents with creative ability. As a traditional culture, pottery is one of the best choices for labor skills and literacy education.

October 20th to 22nd

Baitao Club is waiting for you in the historic and cultural city of Tianjin!

The 82nd China Educational Equipment Exhibition

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