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Baitao will help! The 9th National Ceramic Industry Vocational Skills Competition Finals and 2023 National Light industry ceramic industry vocational skills Competition Finals concluded
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From December 17 to 19, 2023 National industry vocational skills Competition "Porcelain Art City Cup" the 9th National Ceramic industry vocational Skills Competition finals (ceramic sculpture) and 2023 National light industry ceramic industry vocational Skills Competition Finals (modern life ceramic production) came to an end in Fujian Dehua Porcelain Art City, the hometown of China's ceramics.

The final is sponsored by China Light Industry Federation, China Ceramic Industry Association, China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center, China Finance and Trade Light Textile Tobacco Union National Committee, Dehua County Ceramic Development Committee, Fujian Province ceramic Industry Association, Dehua County Porcelain Art City Operation Management Co., LTD., Jingdezhen Baitao Pottery Equipment Co., LTD. Baitaohui has once again become the only supplier of ceramic professional skills, equipment and tool consumables.





There are 126 and 102 participants in the "Porcelain Art City Cup" 9th National Ceramic Industry Vocational Skills Competition Finals (" National Competition ") and the 2023 National Light Industry Ceramic Industry Vocational Skills Competition Finals (" Tour Competition "), respectively. The staff players come from 16 provinces or porcelain producing regions, and the students come from 26 universities and vocational colleges.

The theme of the competition is "rural revitalization" under the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers in the new era. From the scene, it can be seen that the contestants are all skilled and eager. They use their hands as brushes and mud as carriers to express their beautiful thoughts on rural revitalization and the Chinese dream. This is a porcelain production area of ceramic professional skills between the "big competition", but also the university ceramics related professional students between the "big training".










Skilled personnel are an important support for high-quality economic development and a solid foundation for supporting creation and manufacturing in China.The purpose of holding the national ceramic industry, light industry vocational skills competition is to fully implement the important instruction spirit for the work of skilled talents, promote and spread the spirit of excellence for the whole society, help the selection and training of innovative high-skill talents, and push the overall technical skills of the ceramic industry to a higher level.






At the closing ceremony and award ceremony held in the morning, the chief judge, on behalf of the organizing committee, made rigorous technical comments on the competition process, announced the list of winners produced by a fair and impartial review, and awarded prizes and certificates of honor. Here are the winners:


Since its establishment 14 years ago, Baitao has always practiced customer first, committed to the research and development of safer and humanized ceramic teaching equipment, DD direct drive drawing machine, 5G connected intelligent electric kiln, automatic gas kiln and a series of independent intellectual property rights products into tens of thousands of schools. Among them, DD drawing machine through Europe and the United States quality certification out of the country.

Today, Baitaohui has become a leader in China's ceramic teaching equipment industry, providing planning and design, preferred equipment, teacher training and operation and maintenance program services for more than 5,000 schools, which is widely favored by professional users.

At the same time, Baitao Association adheres to the responsibility of returning to the society and serving the industry, and has undertaken or co-organized national competitions, local and inter-school pottery competitions and forums for many times to promote the steady development of the ceramic industry and ceramic education. In the future, we will continue to surpass ourselves, realize more innovation and creation of ceramic equipment, and achieve more dreams of users!

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