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About BaiTaoHui

Jingdezhen Baitao Hui Ceramic Equipment Co., LTD.(short for BTH), focusing on the development and production of ceramic equipment and ceramic teaching services for 13 years, provides professional and careful planning and design, preferred equipment, curriculum teacher training, operation and maintenance services for ceramic teaching in large and middle schools around the world, and provides professional and useful ceramic equipment for practitioners in the ceramic industry.

BTH is located in the millennium porcelain capital of China, Jingdezhen. At present, BTH has more than 10,000 square meters of ceramic equipment R & D manufacturing factory, more than 20,000 square meters of ceramic teaching practice base, more than 120 employees, including 12 R & D engineers. In the past 10 years, we have provided ceramic teaching services to nearly 7,000 schools, creating more than 660,000 square meters of ceramic teaching space.

In the future, we will continue to actively explore ceramic teaching services and ceramic equipment research and development and manufacturing, and connect the global ceramic industry practitioners with the concept of scientific pottery. To provide the industry with international characteristics, continuous improvement of services and products.

Corporate structure and Company size
  • At present, Baitao Club has more than 130 full-time employees and more than 50 specially hired pottery teachers. According to business needs, the company has: general manager office, marketing center, education center, production and supply center, product research and development center, human affairs administration department, planning and finance department.

  • By 2022, the company's annual output value exceeds 100 million, and the annual shipment of ceramic equipment and tool consumables exceeds 100,000 pieces. The company has a ceramic teaching equipment R & D production base of more than 10,000 square meters, ceramic teaching training, teacher training base of more than 3,000 square meters. Over the past 10 years, Baicao has served more than 5,000 institutes (schools) across the country, created more than 660,000 square meters of ceramic teaching space, trained more than 15,000 teachers, and organized or supported more than 260 professional enabling and exhibition platforms such as pottery competitions, forums, seminars, research and creation camps.

Company service

  • 01

    Planning and design

    Create a safe, intelligent and humane innovative ceramic teaching space
  • 02

    Preferred device

    Ceramic teaching equipment supply in line with teaching scenarios and budget requirements
  • 03

    Teacher training

    Professional, oriented curriculum resources and teacher training programs
  • 04

    Operation maintenance

    Full life cycle operational support and maintenance services

Corporate environment

Development path

  • 2022
    The company headquarters has been relocated to the Jingdezhen Digital Economy Industrial Park, covering an area of over 10000 square meters.The Hundred Pottery Society initiates and organizes the establishment of safety process standards for ceramic teaching kilnsServing over 5000 schools nationwide, training over 15000 teachers, and creating over 660000 square meters of ceramic teaching space.
  • 2021
    Baitao Hui was awarded the title of "Specialized, Refined, Unique, and New" Small and Medium sized Enterprise;Obtaining the vocational appraisal and training qualification of China Ceramic Association (China Ceramic Association Ceramic Vocational Ability Evaluation Base);Creative bases such as Ceramic University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, Tangying International Porcelain Workshop, and National Ceramic Skills Training Center have been registered at the
  • 2020
    Establish cooperation with the China Light Industry Ceramic Research Institute to establish a global shared sintering and ceramic material experimental center;Merger and acquisition of the Koleli Ceramic Equipment brand at the Kiln Development Center of China Light Industry Ceramic Research Institute, and launch the "Koleli" product brand for ceramic enthusiasts;Create an independent supermarket brand "Liangqicang" ceramic equipment supermarket and launch it for operation;The
  • 2019
    Baitao Hui has obtained the qualification of a provincial-level high-tech enterprise;Co organizing the China Skills Competition National Ceramic Vocational Skills CompetitionCollaborate with Jingdezhen College to establish a undergraduate program in ceramic education and teacher training;
  • 2018
    Merger and acquisition of Shanghai Zhengyi Trading Company, leading to the global expansion of Baitao Hui Ceramic Equipment;Organize Come from China Children's Art ExhibitionChina Education Forum - Youth Ceramic Education ForumTaiwan Ceramic Exchange Conference
  • 2017
    Initiate the 2017 China Children's Ceramics CompetitionThe Baitao Club study tour plan has been launchedOrganize innovative education course training for primary and secondary schools in Weifang
  • 2016
    Three projects: "Practical Research on the Configuration Standards of Ceramic Classrooms in Primary and Secondary Schools", "Practical Research on Ceramic Education and Thinking Literacy Cultivation", and "Practical Research on the Professional Ability Training Standards and Implementation Approaches for Ceramic Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools" have been successfully applied for project approvalOrganize a ceramic art competition for primary and secondary s
  • 2015
    Signed a school enterprise cooperation agreement with the School of Fine Arts of the Ceramic University, and conducted research and implementation of ceramic training room solutions;Undertake the National Ceramic Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools
  • 2014
    Organize the Chinese Ceramic Art Creation Competition for Teachers and StudentsHolding the 8th Jingdezhen Primary and Secondary School Students' "Hundred Pottery Club Cup" Ceramic CompetitionHolding the 6th China Youth Cultural Heritage Knowledge CompetitionBaitao Society establishes a glaze research and development center
  • 2012
    Formally establish the Baitao Hui brand, establish Baitao Hui factories, and establish Baitao Hui education and training centers. Engaged in ceramic equipment, courses, and other businesses through ceramic training;
  • 2010
    Establishing Wuhan Ceramic Education Campus to Carry out Ceramic Teaching and School Services in Wuhan
  • 2009
    Establishing Huacui Education (predecessor of the Hundred Pottery Society) and innovating ceramic training institutions
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