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2023 first quarter ceramic teaching training plan
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Dear pottery educators and enthusiasts, the New Year of 2023 has been opened, there is no longer endless epidemic control and nucleic acid, you can study, work and live freely, and those long-desired dreams can be picked up again, such as the pottery art that is loved by many people.


Baichui Huacui Pottery Education Center, the site equipment has been upgraded, there are professional, rich offline pottery courses, scientific and interesting ceramic material experiments, diverse and interesting ceramic sharing and burning. Basic courses, advanced courses, subject courses, research courses are available.

Help you as a pottery teacher - improve professional skills, strengthen the core quality. To help you engaged in pottery creation - to achieve design, creation, concept of multi-directional improvement.



In the post-epidemic era, job competition is fierce, ability is more important than appearance level, and internal volume will become the norm. This is true of schools, out-of-school educational institutions, and ceramic creation and production.

In order to improve the demand for pottery skills, Huacui Education Center continues to launch a series of teacher training programs


From January to March, the curriculum is still dense and compact, because many partners failed to learn Jingdezhen ceramics due to the epidemic in the early stage, so the course schedule will be more convenient for everyone to arrange their time reasonably.

We will continue to offer the "Pottery Comprehensive Basic first (second) course" for beginners and art teachers, which has lasted for ten years, and take you easily from the zero foundation to learn pottery skills and techniques such as drawing, repairing, kneading, painting, glazing, and firing. If you meet the corresponding requirements after the completion of the second level, you can directly participate in the ceramic industry professional ability evaluation - ceramic artist Level 3 examination.

Those who have a certain foundation and want to go deeper are advised to choose more targeted advanced courses, professional courses or master training courses in the next stage.





What is glaze? What is the difference between the glaze of electric kiln, gas kiln and firewood kiln? What are the ingredients of glaze? Can you match glaze freely with poor chemical knowledge? Of course, "Ceramic glaze Course 1" will guide you to understand and experiment with the preparation method of color glaze in an interesting form, and learn the principle and basic process of glaze. For those who want to further understand the materials and gameplay, you can make an appointment for glaze Science Level 2




More and more pottery enthusiasts are trying to shift from the model to sculpture creation, but there is no suitable learning path. For this reason, the Education Center has arranged a new course "Modern Pottery kneading-molding Techniques and Basic Modeling", which is a 14-day long immersive learning course. Young sculpture artist Huang Yingjie (click the link to learn more) teaches from theory, ideas to technique practice. Lead you to explore a completely different field of sculpture creation.

1. Course scheduling

In January:

● 4-10 days Ceramic comprehensive basic course first level

● 10 ~14 days Glaze Science Foundation Course 1.0

In February:

● 7-13 days Ceramic comprehensive basic course first

● 7-11 days Glaze Science Foundation Course 1.0

● 14th to 22nd Ceramic comprehensive basic course Level 2

● From 20th to 5th March, modern pottery kneading techniques and basic modeling

● 23rd - 1st March Ceramic Arts Integrated Basic course Level 1

In March:

● 6-12 days ceramic comprehensive basic course first

● Glaze Science Foundation Course 1.0 from 13th to 17th

● 15th to 21st Ceramic comprehensive basic course first

● The second level of comprehensive Basic pottery course from 22nd to 30th

Registration and consultation:

Mr. Lin: 17379801195


* The class starts with 5 applicants

* Fees do not include invoice, invoice is subject to tax point

* Room and board by themselves, our center has cooperative hotels can be discounted

Training Address:

Neihuatui Ceramic Education Center, China Institute of Light Industry Ceramics, 556 Xinchang West Road, Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province

For more course information, please pay attention to the wechat public account of "Baitao Hui"

2. Mentor Phalanx

Huang Yingjie, graduate of sculpture Department of Jingdezhen Ceramic University, now living in Jingdezhen, personal studio director, good at figure sculpture and quick sketch.

Wang Yang, National second-class ceramic craftsman, graduated from the sculpture department of Jingdezhen Ceramic University, is now a full-time teacher of Huacui Ceramic Education Center. Good at sculpture, tea maker.

Fang Jun, graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic University, majored in inorganic non-metals. He used to work for Jinyitao, responsible for glaze research and development. Now he is the glaze teacher of Huacui Pottery Education Center and the head of materials science laboratory.

* The above are some of the teachers of Huacui Pottery Education Center.

3. Site environment

Huacui Pottery Education Center is built by Baitao Association and China Institute of Light Industry Ceramics, covering an area of 1200 square meters. The center is equipped with wood kilns, soda kilns, gas kilns, music kilns, carbon kilns, pit kilns, electric kilns and experimental kilns, making it the most comprehensive and largest firing experimental base in China.

As early as 2020, we proposed the concept of shared firing, built a pilot in Xianghu, and took the lead in building a material laboratory, a number of kilns and materials laboratories are open to the public, not only courses, we welcome more partners who love ceramic technology and technology to participate, so that pottery becomes more diversified!









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